Workshop & Office Hours @ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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September 15, 2015


Interested in Joining a Startup? Is a Startup Right for You?

Top startups offer amazing opportunities to work with dynamic teams on exciting projects, solving challenging problems. Roles where you can have impact and be part of something special.

ThinkB1G will lead a discussion on what startups are looking for, the skills to develop to become a highly sought after candidate, and the best ways to communicate with companies.  We'll also dive into how to assemble the body of work & side projects that gets startups the most interested & excited.

Joining us for the talk to share their perspectives via Hangouts will be BookBub (Cambridge, MA) and Symphony Commerce (San Francisco).

At This Workshop:

  • Learn what it takes to land internships and full-time positions at high-growth startups
  • Hear top startups share their insights and perspectives


  • What startups are looking for
  • The Importance of project-based experiences
  • Key skills to develop and build while you're in college
  • Where to find opportunities
  • Best practices for communicating with startups

Where / When / Register

Union Building Room 3602 / 5:00-6:00pm September 15, 2015 /


One-on-One Office Hours:

In addition to the workshop, ThinkB1G would like to answer your start-up questions on a one-on-one basis.  We will be hosting Office Hours on Sept. 15th in DCC 345 to meet directly with students for 15 minute meetings.  We will take conversations directionally wherever a student would like to go focusing on topics such as: is a startup right for me, what are startups looking for in candidates, what do I need to do to stand out, which startups have openings, how do I connect with them, resume critique & feedback, etc. Reservations are required. 

Times to meet with Michael Gaiss of ThinkB1G can be scheduled here. NOTE: Sign up for a 15 minute appointment on September 15th. (WARNING! Do NOT choose another date on the calendar as ThinkB1G will only be at RPI on September 15th.)