Showcase @ Amherst College

Join us March 2, 2015

Location: Seeley Mudd 207

ThinkB1G Startup Showcase

Are you looking for opportunities to work with amazing teams on challenging projects and technologies? Roles where you can have impact, make a difference and be part of something special? Then a startup or high-growth entrepreneurial company is right for you.
At our Startup Showcase, we'll share insights into what startups are looking for and how to best position yourself to land a software, product or technical role at a startup. We'll also highlight specific Boston, SF and Silicon Valley companies that ThinkB1G is working with and provide details on the entry-level positions and internships they offer. Clever (SF) and SwiftStack (SF) will participate and share their openings and perspectives for candidates.
In addition, for seniors seeking entry-level business development roles at high-growth entrepreneurial companies, ThinkB1G has partnered with LaunchSource, a Boston-based organization that trains, equips and places soon-to-be graduates at technology companies in the Boston area. While similar programs charge tuition, LaunchSource’s training program is provided at no cost to participants. LaunchSource will provide further details about their program.
If you’re passionate about building cool stuff or are a highly motivated, ambitious senior looking to get your shot on the business side at a high-growth technology company, you’ll not want to miss the Startup Showcase.