Infinite Storage, Impressively Easy

Storage is dominated by large companies with expensive, proprietary solutions.  At SwiftStack, we have a different vision. We bring simple management and extensive integration facilities to a proven, scalable open-source storage core.  The result is game-changing:  infinite storage, impressively easy.

SwiftStack provides customers with a software-defined object storage platform that gives them the limitless scalability required to manage massive data and applications growth, while providing the durability, manageability, and enterprise integration they need to stay competitive.

By separating the management plane from the data plane, SwiftStack provides the freedom to use any standard hardware and to expand and add storage as needed, dramatically reducing TCO. Gone are the days enterprises must overpurchase their storage capacity based on vendor packages.

SwiftStack embeds the OpenStack object storage engine named Swift, powering some of the world’s largest public clouds. SwiftStack gives companies full control over their data, enabling them to make the best use of their infrastructure from deployment through integration and scaling.



100% Open Source at the Core

SwiftStack is an innovator in private cloud storage for today’s applications. We founded the company in 2011 to help operations teams implement and manage an easy-to-use, multi-tenant, and highly scalable private cloud storage platform.

The four SwiftStack founders have worked together in various combinations for a long time, from established enterprise companies like HP and new old-guard web firms like Yahoo, to small startups like Airwave (acquired by Aruba in 2008) and SideReel (acquired by Rovi in 2011).  Their most recent experience in the enterprise infrastructure and cloud arena (Engine Yard, CloudScaling) gave Joe Arnold, SwiftStack’s CEO, the notion that storage was ripe for change.

Soon after SwiftStack was founded, we were joined by several talented engineers from Rackspace, whose experience creating and running large scale storage systems is incredibly valuable.


The San Francisco Experience

Our office in downtown San Francisco will give you access to some of the best the city has to offer.  The convenient location makes it accessible to intra-city transit, CalTrain, and BART, so you can choose to live nearly anywhere in the Bay Area that you desire.

Join Us!

We're hiring Software Engineers at all levels of experience. We hire primarily for talent and fit, but you may be of particular interest to us if you have strong experience writing distributed systems, have been a significant contributor to storage or database systems, or are a Python wizard. We are reviewing our hiring needs for intern and entry-level positions for the upcoming year. Check back in later in 2017 for updates.