Our Mission: Make Food Safer for Everyone!

E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria kill thousands annually in the US, while at least every 5th or 6th person will get sick. All the while, the economy loses billions of dollars in productivity every year.

At Sample6, we are on a mission to revolutionize food safety through science, software and passion. We built the world’s fastest pathogen detection system for the worst of the foodborne pathogens.

We make food safer by delivering two powerful tools to the food industry, Sample6 DETECT™ and Sample6 CONTROL™. Sample6 DETECT™ is an enrichment-free, on-site, in-shift pathogen diagnostic. This transformative detection technology is paired with a powerful software suite called CONTROL™.

Together the two enable our customers to evolve their food safety practices from reactive to preventive!

Together, We Can Make Food Safer

In-shift pathogen diagnostics paired with powerful analytics will help shift food safety from reaction to prevention. 

Sample6 is well positioned to provide this necessary next-generation of tools to food processors, retailers and even consumers. Meat, seafood, dairy, produce, and dry goods processors have already partnered with Sample6 in order to integrate these revolutionary products into their plants. 

Come join us in the drive to protect the public by making food safer. We are looking for talented, highly motivated students and upcoming/recent grads for the following roles: